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Loan programs by Christian Poling. Nashville mortgage lender, advisor, expert.


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Guaranteed buying power - compete with confidence and win bidding wars by making a strong backed by our guarantee. It presents an advantage over our competitor's typical pre-qualification and pre-approval letters.


The most common loan type are conventional loans, and they are perfect for clients with good credit scores. First time homebuyers can qualify for as little as 3% down, and other buyers can put 5% down or more. Loan amounts qualify up to $943,000 on both fixed or adjustable rates.


Jumbo loans include any financed amount greater than $943,000. Steadfast offers both fixed and adjustable rates with at least 10-20% down payment. Guidelines tend to be stricter, but we have various options for different client types.


For clients with average or lower credit scores, FHA is typically the best route. One can put as little as 3.5% down payment on loan amounts up to $943,000. FHA offers both fixed and adjustable rates.


Qualified veterans can enjoy 100% financing at attractive rates with a VA loan, with no Mortgage Insurance. Limits depend on the veteran's entitlement.

- HELOC - Steadfast does not offer Home Equity Lines of Credit, but we have many local resources to share.
- We do not offer loans with a prepayment penalty.

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